Welcome to Ramblings From the Far Edge


Greetings from the edge of the continent. I am located on Malcolm Island, a small island off the north coast of Vancouver Island, in British Columbia. Some people consider this to be the ends of the earth, but those of us living here realize that life is a circle, and in reality we are the beginnings of the earth.


We are also known as the “Left Coast”, both for our position on the map, and, in a large part, for our political leanings.


I am starting this blog, in the beginning of my 69th year on the planet, to enable me to clear some of the detritus that has accumulated in my head over the years. If you choose to follow me, you will get a mixture of stories, opinion, tall tales, and photos of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Just like the Main Stream Media, believe nothing, question everything, and just enjoy the ride.


Jim Rosgen, Sointula, BC